Rules and Regulations of the Archidzielo Club


Chapter 1. General provisions.

§1 The Rules and Regulations of the loyalty program "Klub Archidzieło" (hereinafter referred to as the "Rules and Regulations") establish the terms, scope and conditions of participation in the loyalty program "Klub Archidzieło" (hereinafter referred to as the "Program" or "Klub Archidzieło"), determined by the company Delighted Adam Rzadek (hereinafter referred to as "Delighted") ul. Mokotowska 56/5, 00-534 Warsaw, NIP: PL6422692644, REGON: 14294812, hereinafter referred to as the "Organizer".

§2 The Program is addressed to customers (hereinafter: "Participants") who purchase goods from Delighted, at the Archidzieło Salon located in Warsaw (00-503), at Plac Trzech Krzyży.

§3 The purpose of the Program is to recognize Participants through: invitations to special events prepared by the Organizer, providing special and dedicated offers for Participants, and pre-release access to novelties launched for sale.

Chapter 2. Terms and conditions for joining the Archidzielo Club.


1. Any natural person who is at least 18 years old and has full legal capacity may join the Archidzielo Club.

2. The condition for a Participant to join the Archidzieło Club is to correctly and truthfully complete the registration form (hereinafter: "Registration Form"). The registration form must be completed and submitted in paper form to the Archidzielo Salon.

3. Entitlements under the Program cannot be transferred by the Participant to a third party.

4. Participation in the Program and providing personal data related to participation in the Archdiocese Club is voluntary and necessary for participation in the Program.

5. A participant may join the Program at any time during its duration.


1. Completion and signature by the Participant on the Registration Form is tantamount to reading and accepting the provisions of these Regulations.

Chapter 3. Charter of the Club Archidzielo.


1. After correctly completing the Registration Form, the Participant will receive an Archdiocese Club Card (hereinafter: "Card").

2. The card can be issued in person at the Archidzielo Salon, and can also be sent to the Participant by mail.


1. The card remains the property of the Organizer throughout the duration of the Program.

2. The card is not a payment card.

3. The card has an identification number, assigned to one Participant. One participant can have only one Archidzielo Club Card.

4. In case of changes in personal or contact details, the Participant is obliged to inform the Organizer of the change.

5. The Organizer is not responsible for any delays or shortcomings resulting from the Participant's failure to update the data.

6. Privileges received by a Participant under the Program cannot be exchanged for cash.

Chapter 4. Changes to the Program Regulations and cancellation of participation.


1. The organizer reserves the right to make changes to these Regulations.

2. Any changes to these Terms and Conditions will be effective as of the date they are published on belonging to the Organizer.

3. The Organizer is obliged to inform the Participants of any changes, at least via e-mail.

4. A change in the provisions of these Regulations shall not entitle the Participant to claim any form of compensation or damages.


1. The participant has the right to cancel participation in the Archdiocese Club at any time.

2. The condition for resignation is the submission by the Participant to the Organizer of an appropriate statement in writing, confirming it with his/her handwritten signature.

3. The Organizer accepts the resignation of the Participant and deletes him/her from the list of Program Participants upon receipt of the statement.

Chapter 5. Processing of personal data.


1. By signing the Registration Form the Participant of the Archidzieło Club agrees voluntarily to the processing of his/her personal data by the administrator of the data filing system, the company Delighted Adam Rzadek 56/5 Mokotowska Street, 00-534 Warsaw, NIP: PL6422692644, REGON: 14294812, for commercial and marketing purposes. All personal data are protected in accordance with the Act of 29.08.1997. on the protection of personal data (Dz.U. 2002 r. No. 101 item. 926 as amended. zm.)

2. Program participant, in accordance with the Law of 29.08.1997. on the protection of personal data (Dz.U. 2002 r. No. 101 item. 926 as amended. zm.) has the right to inspect his personal data and the possibility to change it. The Organizer provides each Participant with the right to control data processing in accordance with Art. 32 of the Personal Data Protection Act (Dz.U. 2002 r. No. 101 item. 926 as amended. zm.)

3. The Participant may receive, on an ongoing basis, by mail, e-mail or information about commercial and promotional actions conducted by the Organizer, provided that he/she agrees to do so at the time of joining the Program or during the duration of the Archidzieło Club.

Chapter 6. Final provisions.

§1 The Regulations are binding on the Organizer and the Participants from the moment they are announced.

§2 The full text of the Terms and Conditions is available in the Archidzieło Salon and on the website belonging to the Organizer.

§3 In matters not regulated by these Regulations, the provisions of the Civil Code shall apply.